About the School

Commerce is best understood as a social institution which provides goods and services. India today needs highly skilled and talented commerce graduates who can contribute to the growth of the economy. The economic growth of a region or a country is enabled by economists and accountants possessing advanced knowledge as well as the skills to evaluate and analyze the complexities of businesses and other financial institutions.

Keeping this in mind, the Xavier School Of Commerce was set up under the Xavier University in 2014. The school aims to provide quality education which will prepare the students to take on the future challenges of the country.

A career in commerce demands both, knowledge of the business world as well as technical understanding and capabilities. The school offers the following non-residential programs which lead to bachelor’s degree:

  • 1. Bachelor of Commerce(B.Com)
  • 2. Bachelor of Business Management(B.B.M)

The study of commerce consists of a wide range of interdisciplinary branches including Accountancy, Business Administration, e-Commerce, Finance, Economics and Marketing.